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Save $, Use VoIP

Over the past several years, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become an accepted medium of terminating telephone calls. Using your existent high-speed broadband internet connection, voice packets are broken up into pieces and sent over the Internet, similar to an email. At the end point, the voice packets are then reassembled and either sent to another VoIP phone or translated into an analog signal.

VoIP Phones provide high quality connections identical to an analog phone. Often times, depending on your previous analog provider, a VoIP phone may have a higher quality voice connection. In addition, almost all VoIP plans include free nationwide calling, thus saving you money on domestic long-distance calls.

Business grade VoIP phone lines are significantly less expensive than traditional analog phones. Our plans start at just $69.95 a month, and include free domestic long distance, including Canada and Puerto Rico for your first four lines! Clarity also provides inexpensive international calling to pre-specified countries.

Did You Know...?

Many international long distance phone carriers actually terminate their calls over the Internet as well? When you place a call from your analog phone, the call is sent to your provider’s switch. There it is transformed into a digital signal and broken up into voice packets. The packets are sent over the Internet on a data network to the local carrier in the country you are calling. Here, the voice packets are then reassembled and sent to the destination you are calling. Whether you currently use a VoIP system or not, your calls are still being routed over the Internet. 

Why do long distance carriers use the Internet as a way of connecting your phone calls?

Because it is more cost effective. Long distance carriers save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by using VoIP technology. So if they receive the cost-saving advantages of utilizing VoIP, why shouldn’t you?

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