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Connect with Clarity
Clarity ensures your network's functionality is in compliment of its surrounding components.

Security & Surveillance



Always Keep an Eye with Clarity in the Sky!

Clarity Technologies prides itself on creating new-age security solutions for all IT infrastructure. Contact Clarity today for more information on our industry leading services like:

Clarity Surveillance Analytics, a sophisticated camera system offering multiple model cameras and utilizing NO bandwidth. Cut security personnel costs with high definition, automatically calibrating, and object recognizing, intelligent cameras. With Clarity Surveillance Analytics, your surveillance system will be able to differentiate legitimate threats from benign activity despite poor lighting, inclement weather, and immobile obstructions.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Clarity Technologies Group, LLC is a New Jersey Licensed Burglar and Fire Alarm Contractor specializing in hassle-free alarm systems. As with all of Clarity's solutions, we see the problem before you do, and also guarantee complete code compliance, removing the burden from you and your business. 

NJ Licensed Burglar and Fire Alarm Contractor   34BF00051400

Access Control Systems and Central Station Monitoring

With interactive, real-time security management capabilities, Clarity ensures that your access control is just another integrated solution to be streamlined with your IT infrastructure. Clarity Connect security strategies allows for creative concepts from inception to installation regardless of the scope of the project.